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About Us

Brahmrishi Mission Samiti is an organization founded by a great spiritual master H.H.Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra Ji Maharaj(1934-2002) in 1998 at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. H.H. Gurudev ji was an educationist par excellence, an internationally known scholar, profound Philosopher and Intellectual Giant. He was a man of rare Wisdom and Master of mind, Senses and Intellect. He revived the ancient teaching of Samkhya Philosophy as the basis of Yoga. The main objective of Brahmrishi Mission Samiti is to work for Education, Health (Physical, Mental and Spiritual), Women empowerment, environment and to sustain Indian Culture.

योग्यता के अभाव मे अधिकार की सुरक्षा राष्ट्र के पतन मे हेतु होती है उत्थान मे नहीं।

प. पू. ब्रह्मर्षि विश्वात्मा बावरा जी महाराज

Our Mission

We stand for imparting high quality education where wide emphasis is laid on the national and moral aspect of our culture and moral values of life.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We are committed to providing multidisciplinary education through innovation to develop valuable life skills, to help them become independent, resilient and confident individuals, inspire them to come out of their comfort zones and confidently face uncertainties and challenges in future, to enable them successfully pursue the path of academic brilliance and achieve new milestones.

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