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Virat Hospice

Every year 5,50,000 patients die of cancer in India. Magnitude of the problem can be understood by the official Statistics that at any point of time cancer prevalence is estimated to be 2.5 millions. Practice of physicians and specialists were not up to the expectations and requirements of terminally ill cancer patients. Curriculum based learning or organized teaching of end-of-life care is non-existent. Western countries have well-organized subspecialty facilities for end-of-life care needs; such facilities are lacking in India. Capacity building for the care of terminally ill cancer patients is urgently required in India.


With this present scenario, emerged the thought and ambition to set up Hospice care in central India. Deserted attendants are coming to us for counseling, better care and comfort of their patients and peaceful end of life.

This institution VIRAT*Hospice is becoming a place of mark due to its transparent and free services to the needy populace. Our hospice staff is taking care of patients for physical betterment, quality living, balanced and medically approved diet, supportive medicines, back and bowel care, emotional support and also building the mental strength. We have free ambulance facility. Regular medical checkup and palliative care consultation is also provided regularly.

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